Real Estate Agency Project in Irpen

01. Project start failed

Unsuccessful start of a real estate agency project in Irpen

We met a real estate company, which freelancers have already created a new site. But they did not like this site in design and functionality, because freelancers developed it without technical specifications and without agreement with the Customer.

With us, the customer was determined according to his wishes and we approved the stages of development:

  • Determination of the necessary functionality for using the site - real estate catalog;
  • Selection of options for the finished studio site design;
  • Creation, discussion and approval of the technical specifications of the site in the form of an interactive prototype;
  • Development of a real estate catalog site with a search filter;
  • Setting up a basic SEO website for a real estate agency.

02. Project technical task

Terms of Reference of the project of a real estate agency in Irpen

Together with the team of the Customer, we decided on the necessary functionality and design of the future site.

Next, we prepared the tech task in the form of an interactive sketch-prototype of a real estate site in Irpen.

The approved prototype included:

  • Search for real estate objects on the map;
  • Categories of real estate categories on the first screen;
  • Real estate catalog with a filter for accurate selection of housing characteristics;
  • The module for recalculating the cost of home sales in hryvnias or in dollars.

03. Real estate website development

Development of a real estate site for a project of a real estate agency in Irpen

Our team of specialists has developed an easy and convenient site with an admin panel and functionality for adding objects for each real estate agent. For agency clients, the site allows you to receive all information about the sale of apartments and houses in Irpen from convenient devices.

The new agency website allowed:

  • To select an apartment or house for purchase immediately on an interactive map;
  • Use the characteristics filter to search for real estate;
  • Add new real estate to the catalog;
  • Use the search in a convenient mobile version of the site;

04. Problems with the Realia module

Problems with the Realia module of a real estate agency project in Irpen

After 1.5 years, for some reason, there was a serious breakdown of the real estate infobox module on the interactive map. Information about the object from the catalog has ceased to appear. After our appeal to the manufacturer of the Realia module, we found out that technical support from them has been terminated and claims are not accepted.

Therefore, we faced the challenge of how to help our client, which led us to the goals:

  • Get an official guarantee from the module manufacturer;
  • Find in return a modified and workable module;
  • Find the cause yourself and fix the breakdown.

05. Troubleshooting

Solving the malfunction of a real estate agency project in Irpen

After several official inquiries to the manufacturer company of the Realia module, we did not achieve positive results. The search for a replacement module showed that this is actually a complete modernization of the site with great labor costs.

Therefore, the hypothesis of finding and eliminating the malfunction on their own was put forward. After certain tests and code changes in the module itself, we found a solution and implemented it. The cause of the failure was the update of some of the databases used in the module.

As a result, our client received:

  • Updated workable infobox module;
  • Expert support, despite the long time since the receipt of the site.

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