The Module of group lessons in Big Ben, 3 apps, and 3 SoWs in November.

The Module of group lessons in Big Ben, 3 apps, and 3 SoWs in November. 10.12.2020

Good time of the day!

We present an overview of Quazom projects in the boring November 2020

Let’s start!

The Mobile App Development Team

Bank and discount card application

We developed a dark theme design for all screens, implemented and connected it to some screens in a mobile app.

We have carried out several works on the implementation of functionality that depends on an external financial service - FinAPI.

We have implemented mobile application pages that do not depend on the back part.

We continue to work on the functionality of the mobile app and the API implementation for linking the project with a part of the website.

Passenger carrier mobile app

СWe accompany the three-way communication between the client and the EBRD for the allocation of a grant for the project next year.


We solved the issue of version compatibility, which allowed us to fix application errors, after the security update for November.

We have implemented the "Corporate clients" module, which made it possible to introduce cashless payments.

SoWs for Applications:

The Statement of Work for the Sugaris project was approved, the development assessment was agreed upon.

We have completed 80% of the description of the SoW for the Personal Services Exchange project mobile app.

We have completed 70% of the description of the SoW for the project related to cargo transportation. Approved it with the client, described a number of processes and custom paths for creating orders and rates in a mobile application.

Website Development Team

Big Ben

Completed the development of Phase 2 and 3 of the modules related to scheduling, language level checking, and payment system integration.

An additional 4 stage of the development of the group lessons module has started.

Other Projects

Expansion of contextual advertising about rent for the real estate agency "Bonus" in Mariupol.

The content update and support of the «Ecotex» website for the Mykolaiv factory of mattresses and flax products.

Marketing team

Monitoring, setting up, and expanding contextual advertising about testing service and mobile development for the sales department.

In November, the number of leads increased by 30%, compared to the previous month. The warm audience received from the leads was 43%. But the conversion of lead generation in November decreased by 8.5%.

НPosting on our Quazom pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, increasing the number of subscribers by 3-5%.

Launching and testing targeted Facebook ads for lead generation.

Calculated 16 primary evaluations for requests for the creation of statements of work, development of mobile apps, and websites using the calculator for calculating projects.

Sales and communications team

For 25% of the "warm" audience of lead generation we presented our services in Skype/Zoom in November.

What is more, evaluations were prepared as well as commercial offers were sent to 16% of potential customers. We improved the qualifications of sales managers in educational trainings.

Now we are starting the final month of a difficult 2020 year with confident projects. We are open to cooperation!

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