Worked both on the SoW for the Big Ben School and the AIK complex development, the 4th SoW is in progress!

Worked both on the SoW for the Big Ben School and the AIK complex development, the 4th SoW is in progress! 08.07.2020

Warm greetings!

Find out what was interesting in the Quazom IT Company in June 2020)

In the Mobile Development Department:

- the development of the AIK project for heat pump users is in full swing.
- reached the final stage of the AIK project to increase the loyalty of existing and potential users of AIK heat pumps by providing a convenient interface for managing devices and users, monitoring device performance, viewing statistical summary data-files;
- made a release on the customer's production server;
- launched a copy of the website on the server for load testing, and also carried out several works on testing the software complex with a high load of devices;
- started the software complex two-way testing together with clients along with different ways of interaction of the site with the device and vice versa.

As for other Mobile Development Department projects, we:

- by 70% in the SoW completed the description of the mobile app functionality and the administrative part for the project of a new taxi in Odessa;
- carried out 50% work on the SoW description for the bank and discount cards mobile app;
- we finalize the work on the SoW description for the mobile application of the catalog of automotive catalysts;
- by 40% did the same volume of the SoW description for the mobile app of the passenger transportation company in Kyiv;
- maintained the GROOT (Cargo Taxi) project according to the revision plan.

In the Website-Building Department wrote the SoW (Statement of Work) for the project for the development of the Big Ben website of the online school of English and mathematics from Kazakhstan, started the development modular assessment.
Moreover, we continued website maintenance of the Nikolaev manufacturer of mattresses "Ecotex".

In the Marketing Department – started the Quazom mobile development contextual advertising campaigns for own sales team. In June, we received 39% more leads with contacts, of which 60% were from a warm audience. The conversion of ads to leads increased by 74%.
Added 16 more modules to the Constructor for evaluating the development of mobile apps.
We are already using more than 130 modules of the application constructor. During the month, the initial assessments for mobile application development requests continued.

In June, the Sales Department actively continued to showcase our services to potential clients via Skype/Zoom.
Commercial offers were sent to 53% of customers (meaning “warm” audience). To improve their qualifications, sales managers regularly participated in training sessions.
We wish you a «hot» summer in business! See you)

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