The Big Ben project as well as the AIK development start, final of the SoW creation for the EcoKat

The Big Ben project as well as the AIK development start, final of the SoW creation for the EcoKat 12.08.2020

Good time of the day!

We hasten to share the news from the Quazom Company for July 2020.

AIK Mobile Apps Development Team

The final part of the AIK project implementation - a software package for increasing the loyalty of existing and potential users of AIK heat pumps.
Bilateral testing of the software complex together with clients.


Edits in the working screens, according to the additions to the SoW. We changed the server, as a result the project became more stable.

SoWs for the Apps:

The description of the SoW for the project of a new taxi in Odessa is complete by 85%.
75% of work on the SoW for the mobile application of bank and discount cards.
The final of the SoW of the mobile application for the catalog of automotive catalysts.
70% of the description of the volumetric SoW for the the Kiev passenger carrier mobile application.

Website development and marketing team

Big Ben

We completed a modular assessment of the development of a website for an online school of English and mathematics from Kazakhstan.
Planning stages of development. We signed a contract for the development of the project.

Ecotex (Экотекс)

Continued regular website maintenance of the Mykolaiv manufacturer of mattresses and flax products.

Белая Линия (White Line)

Improvements of graphic and textual content on the website of the Mykolaiv Dental Center according to the customer's tasks.


Our old client conceived a major reconstruction of the website with the introduction of his own order management system for the products. For this, he turned to our specialists. At the first stage, work began with the SoW creation for the new project.
What is more, we are glad that the client likes to cooperate with us.


Friends from the furniture company "Art-Design" got into an unpleasant situation with the loss of their website files and access to third-party hosting. We were able to help them - we completely restored the website's functionality and transferred it to a reliable hosting.

Marketing team

Conducting contextual advertising on mobile development for our sales department. In July, they received 3% fewer leads with contacts than last month, of which 36% were from a warm audience. The decreased conversion of ads to leads by 65%.
Prepared 20 initial assessments of the SoW creation, the development of mobile apps and websites using a calculator for counting the cost of projects.

Sales and communications team

Presentation of our services to potential clients via Skype/Zoom.
Almost 100% of the “warm” audience received commercial offers. Professional development of sales managers in training courses.
Contract conclusion for creating a new SoW (statement of work) for the partner program project.
See you soon after the hot summer!

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