Expanding the Groot app, Scooters scrum development, Big Ben school is at the finish line in February

Expanding the Groot app, Scooters scrum development, Big Ben school is at the finish line in February. 11.03.2021

Hello everyone!

February ended with a review of our Quazom project development news. Let’s get started!

The Mobile app development team

Bank and discount card application

We completed the work on the binding of the screens of the mobile application with the developed API.

We started regression testing of the mobile app and fixed the found errors.

We have carried out a several preparatory works for the future release in Google Play and the App Store.

Passenger carrier mobile app

We have prepared our part of the information, which is necessary for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to allocate a grant to the project.

AIK (remote control of heat pumps)

We made some fixes to the project for correct interaction with a remote device via the web interface.



Added the ability for the driver to take orders for loaders.

Added the ability for the administrator to edit the order price downward.

Developed the ability to see orders radially, which will allow working throughout Ukraine;

We have implemented the ability to connect to 2 SMS services, which will allow the user to switch to the other in the event of a malfunction of one of them.

Implemented the ability for a client to change the order cost when searching for an executor.

We optimized the administrative panel, which made it work faster.

Scooter Rental

Working with a designer on the admin panel and mobile app.

We completed the design of the admin panel.

Completed the assessment of the admin panel development.

Website Development Team

Big Ben

Development of the last iteration - a module of group lessons and 5 new, combined types of assignments. We tested and prepared to update the project website.

Taxi 571

Taxi 571

The project of redesigning the Taxi 571 website has started.


Updated the content on the "Ecotex" website - Mykolaiv factory of mattresses and flax products.

Marketing team

Conducting contextual advertising for the mobile development service and the preparation of Work specifications for our sales department. Compared to January, the number of leads increased by 30%. Of all the leads received the warm audience was 1%. In February, lead generation conversion decreased by 30%.

SMM posting on our Quazom profiles, an average of 5% increase in the number of followers.

Targeted Facebook ads for lead generation, warm leads.

8 initial assessments were prepared for requests for the creation of specifications of work, the development of mobile apps as well as websites using a calculator for calculating projects.

Sales and communications team

Presented our services via Skype/Zoom to 37% of the lead generation audience in February.

Estimates were prepared and commercial offers were sent to 50% of potential customers.

We meet spring with excitement and faith in projects.

Let's discuss your ideas and together make plans for their implementation!

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