Big Ben project at the 1st stage of development, the final of the 2nd, and the start of a new SoW

Big Ben project at the 1st stage of development, the final of the 2nd, and the start of a new SoW 10.09.2020

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AIK Mobile App Development Team

We completed the AIK project and entered the stage of its support. A software package for increasing the loyalty of users of AIK heat pumps by managing devices and users, monitoring device performance, viewing summary statistics.
The project was awarded a grant from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and our company accompanied it at all stages of moderation.


Cargo Taxi project on our constant technical support. We updated the application interface, updated the information on the site for convenience, and friendliness to future users.

SoWs for Apps:

Completed 100% description of the SoWs for the mobile application of bank and discount cards.
Completed 100% work on the statement of work of the mobile app for the catalog of automotive catalysts.
The writing of a new SoW for the project of the Personal Services Exchange has started.
We completed the description of the additional functionality of the mobile application and the administrative part in the SoW for the project of a new taxi in Odessa. 90% readiness.
The description of the SoW for the Kiev passenger carrier mobile application is 85% ready.

Big Ben Website Development Team

The development of the 1st stage of the Big Ben project, an online school of English and mathematics from Kazakhstan, is in full swing. The project includes an external website and a system of interactive classrooms for students and teachers for individual as well as distance learning.
In August, we prepared the finalization of the SoW with a module of group lessons for local students in the city of the Big Ben school location.


Technical support of our regular client’s website – the Nikolaev manufacturer of mattresses and flax products.

Ukrainian Bride

We made minor improvements to our dating site project with an integrated video stream as the part of ongoing technical support.


Almost completed the creation of the SoW for the Sugaris project. 80% readiness. In working with customers, complete mutual understanding on the implementation of the necessary modules.

Marketing team

Conducting regular mobile development contextual advertising for our sales department. In August, there was a 30% drop in business activity compared to the previous month. The warm audience of the received leads was 38%. Lead generation conversion also decreased by 13%.
Prepared new 10 primary estimates of the creation of the SoW, development of mobile applications using our calculator for calculating the cost of projects.

Sales and communications team

Our services were presented to 84% of the “warm” lead generation audience in Skype/Zoom.
Commercial offers were prepared for all 100% potential clients.
We do not forget to improve the qualifications of sales managers via various training sessions.
We entered into a new contract for the creation of the SoW of the Personal Services Exchange project, which went into operation.
We enjoy the last hot days of summer and get ready for fruitful autumn)

Good «harvests» to all!

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