Scooters are ready for release, new Taxi 571 design, Big Ben online school promotion

Scooters are ready for release, new Taxi 571 design, Big Ben online school promotion 12.05.2021

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The review of the April 2021 news on the development of Quazom projects is ready!
What's the latest?

The mobile app development team

Bank and discount cards app

- prepared applications installation for release and handled several questions from the App Store support during app moderation;

- successfully passed moderation and the app release on the Google Play;

- successfully passed the first version of the app in the App Store moderation;

- prepared and sent for moderation the second version of the application, with the functionality of purchasing premium access, in the Google Play and App Store;

- the second version of the app has been successfully moderated on the Google Play, now we are awaiting the moderation in the App Store.

AIK (heat pumps remote control)

We made a number of fixes to the project for correct interaction with a remote device via the web interface.

Scooter rental

- completed the main body of work on the development of a mobile app, started fixing errors;

- load testing of the administrative panel was carried out, bugs were eliminated;

- the client identified problems with the transfer of data from scooters to the administrative panel. We claimed the correct operation of the administrative panel, found a problem on the side of the telecom operator.



- Carried out preparatory work;

- Completed planning of iterations;

- Problems with the client's CRM system integration and the developed software package have been resolved;

- Started the implementation of the first iteration of the project.


- updated apps in stores;

- extended the API for corporate clients;

- accelerated the delivery of SMS to users;

- changed the name in the Google Play Store;

- set up a redirect to a new website.

Big Ben Website Development Team

Checking all the functionality of the project, together with the customer. Error correction. Loading courses into the database.

Taxi 571

We completed the development of a landing page for evacuators. We started redesigning the site and creating 3 variants of logos.

Такси 571


Content on the "Ecotex" – Mykolaiv factory of mattresses and flax products – website was updated.

Marketing, Query Evaluation

Conducting contextual advertising for the mobile development service and the creation of statement of works for our sales department. Compared to March, the number of leads has almost doubled. Of all the leads received, the warm audience was 8%. And in April, the conversion of lead generation decreased by 58%.

- SMM posting on our Quazom profiles, an average increase in the number of subscribers/followers by 3%;

- targeted Facebook ads for lead generation, getting warm leads;

- translated our landing pages into Ukrainian, implemented multilingualism;

- prepared 15 primary estimates for requests for the creation of SoWs, development of mobile apps and websites using the calculator for calculating projects.

Sales and Communications Team

Presented our services on Skype/Zoom to 26% of the lead generation audience in April.

Estimates were prepared and commercial offers were sent to 13% of potential customers.

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