Is it possible to determine that I do not need a site?

Is it possible to determine that I do not need a site?


Not everything can be sold over the Internet.

First you need to check if there is a demand for your product and services in search engines, if not, it will be difficult to move forward. There will be almost no organic traffic on the site, you have to bring people to the site in other ways.
Therefore, from the very beginning, evaluate the demand for your services on the network, check through the services the frequency of search queries on your subject. The easiest way is Yandex.Wordstat., Where in a matter of seconds you will see the number of requests per month for your specific area of activity.

No one will deal with the site.

At the stage of site development idea, it is important to decide who will run the site, fill it with content. The site is not created due to the fact that someone already has it. A site is a tool that is developed with the aim of solving certain problems. If you leave the site as is, don’t deal with it, don’t fill out and promote, it will leave an unnecessary product for anyone.
The site is not the product that you can buy and don’t invest anything in it, the site should grow, and not just get lost against the background of thousands of other pages on the network. Therefore, if you want to develop a site, but do not plan to develop and maintain it, then do not waste your strength and money.

Lack of funds.

Sometimes, there is such a type of customers who have neither time nor money, but it is advisable for them to quickly make a website and fit into the budget of $ 100. Here it must be understood that in almost any activity the promotion price often costs more than the development of the site itself. It is necessary to lay in the budget and take into account the cost of promotion for a month, quarter and year. This condition is especially relevant for niches and regions with a high level of competition. If you are creating a website, then be prepared that it requires investment, you should be prepared for this.

As a result, I want to say that you need to order a comprehensive functional site only if there is a demand for your product, you are ready to invest effort and money, you have people who will support it if it optimizes and automates the business and pays off costs.

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