Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing


You can imagine that today, more than 5 billion people use mobile phones. Have you noticed behind yourself or your loved ones, today people wake up in the morning and already with the phone, people eat with him, travel, fall asleep. Mobile phone has become an integral part of human life. And if your business is not in a smartphone yet, then you live the old fashioned way!

The American company Retail Systems Research (RSR) conducted a study among the leaders of US retail companies and found that the vast majority of them do not particularly separate the desktop and mobile versions, or I make the mobile version very simple, and this affects the sales figures. Companies that work on the mobile version make it more functional, demonstrate high sales growth rates

Therefore, today, in order to attract an audience, it is technical solutions that come to the fore in collaboration with marketing techniques. Mobile apps are just the right channel to try. Studies show that users are ready to download applications to their smartphones for discounts, bonuses, cashbacks. For a company, applications are an inexhaustible source of data that can be used for all marketing channels.

Now, let's talk in more detail about the benefits of a mobile application for business:

  • 1. Enhances the image of the company - with a high-quality mobile application, the application shows you show customers that your business is modern and reliable;
  • 2. Increase customer loyalty. Due to bonus programs, discounts and cashbacks, you can expand your customer base;
  • 3. Increase competitiveness. Your business can stand out from the competition by offering its customers a modern interaction channel that will save time.
  • 4. Service to a new level. With the help of push notifications (notifications) you can keep up to date with all activities, news and promotions;
  • 5. Increase sales. Your business settles in the smartphones of your clients, they constantly receive information about your goods and services, thereby warming up the client and stimulating the purchase.

Well, you do not have an application yet, you want to modernize your business - we know how to help you!

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